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Walking Rugby on the Beach

Walking Rugby on the Beach

Rob Ward13 Jul 2023 - 16:09
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Walking Rugby hosted their annual event on the beach

Walking rugby had their annual event at Holkham beach on Wednesday 12th July, which was a training session followed by Fish and Chips in Wells.

What is Walking Rugby

Walking Rugby is a relatively new sport, which follows on the heels of Walking Football and Walking Netball; both of which are proving very popular with the over forties. All three sports are a fun way to add some light-hearted exercise into your weekly routine. Fakenham was the first such team in Norfolk!

Walking Rugby is a fun team game that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It is attractive to both ex-players and those who are completely new to the game. Walking Rugby is a much simpler version of the traditional game of rugby. It is much less physical than a standard game of rugby, the aim is to participate, compete and most importantly, for players to enjoy themselves.

All sessions will start and finish with some gentle warm-up and warm-down exercises to help with overall fitness levels. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the pace and competitiveness of the game, while former rugby or netball players will welcome the flexibility walking rugby offers. As the name suggests, players must walk, not run but it can still be played at a good pace. As the name suggests, players must walk, not run but the game is still played at a good pace.

Who is Walking Rugby For?

This is a game both sexes, all abilities and is suitable for anyone over forty. At Fakenham 48% of participants are Ladies and we have a broad spectrum of ages but over 80% are in the 50 to 70 bracket. Since it is a competitive passing game, it is particularly suitable for ex-Rugby and Netball players, injured and rehabilitating current players and those interested in Rugby but without any experience!

Those past retirement age can still indulge in their passion without the full-on contact - and those wishing to keep up their activity levels can try a new sport. Walking Rugby is a great leveller and players don’t need to be fit – as we can help you with your fitness.

When Does Walking Rugby Take Place?

Walking Rugby "kicked off" on the 1st May 2019 and has continued every week since then. Why not come and join us on any Wednesday evening - from 6:50 until 8:00 pm.

During the winter months we play under the club's excellent floodlights.

Social Aspects

The members are a very social bunch with regular group functions; including an annual game on the beach followed by Fish and Chips in Wells. All members are invited to the Club's social events which is a great way to socialise with friends.


The first session is free and thereafter Match Fees are just £4.00 per session.

Kit and Equipment

Players need no specialist equipment, but participants must wear suitable clothing. Sessions take place on the pitch and although no studs/boots are required, trainers are fine as long as they provide good grip as the grass can be slippery some evenings. Sessions only last for an hour.


For further information contact:
E-mail - Jeffrey Pearce
Phone - 01328 701255

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